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qhse Quality, Safety & Environment euromere

Euromere’s commitment to quality

A mission for our customers!

Our mission is to supply our customers with polymer formulations based on polyester, vinyl ester and/or hybrid thermosetting resins, such as gel coats, top coats, barrier coats, adhesives, sprayable lightweight coring materials, coatings, primers and pigment pastes developed in our laboratories or from our existing product ranges to meet the needs of the composite parts that will be manufactured with these products by our customers.

Our R&D department is composed of specialists in the polymers used in the reinforced plastics industry, and seeks to respond as closely as possible to the needs identified by our customers, while complying with the regulations on chemical products applicable to our markets (REACH, DGCCRF sheets relating to materials intended for contact with food, DNV, etc.).

We draw on our quality management system established in accordance with the ISO9001 standard. We believe that there is still room for improvement, and we are continuing our efforts to enhance our information media.

It is a multi-disciplinary team effort, involving collaboration between all departments and at all levels, from the management to the teams and managers. Every day, our teams are committed to producing our solutions according to rigorous processes and ensuring batch-by-batch quality control in order to deliver products whose technical specifications always comply with the specifications established for each formula with the following final objectives:

  • Continuously improving the way we listen to and analyse customer needs in order to satisfy and anticipate them.
  • Taking into account our customers’ constraints to deliver services on time and on terms that suit them.
  • Strengthening the partnership with our customers.
  • Improving our processes and our organisation to increase their efficiency and their value for our company.
  • Complying with the regulatory requirements applicable to our activities, facilities, products, packaging and transport.
  • Preventing accidents and ensuring the safety of our staff, our customers and our environment.

As part of our drive for continuous improvement, the Quality department has gradually evolved into a QHSE department (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment) in order to meet internal and external challenges while taking into account the human, social and environmental dimensions.

  • Replacement of acetone in the lab.
  • Compliance with the regulations governing product labelling/packaging, SDS, UFI code.
  • Reduction in the styrene content of certain products.
  • Use of bio-based raw materials.
  • Continuous improvement.

Our objective is to pursue this approach while making continuous progress in terms of quality, health, safety, protection of human beings and the environment.

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