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Swimming Pools

Swimming pool

Construction of composite pools

The construction of one-piece pools or pools with composite linings is derived from naval shipbuilding. Products that prove their performance in one of these sectors are quite naturally suitable for the other, as the technical requirements for the finished parts and processing the materials are quite similar. As a result, EUROMERE has been involved in this unique sector from the very beginning of the industry. The products have been adapted to cope with outdoor processing conditions in the case of the coating, and also to resist the chlorine present in swimming pool water.

With an analysis laboratory to carry out accelerated ageing, EUROMERE has isophthalic and isoNPG polyester gel coats in many variants to meet the demanding needs of this industry. The FSP-BC Barrier Coat solutions also quickly found their place to save users process time and ensure long-term resistance to water absorption. Similarly, the lightweight FSP-SC Sprayable Core solutions are highly complementary, enabling the construction of sandwich pools offering rigidity and weight savings with record production times.

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