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euromere know-how

Euromere’s technology

A unique automated process

Euromere has developed expertise in formulating speciality polyesters and also a very unique production tool. The era of “old-fashioned” production, with multiple vats of all sizes and mostly manual loading, is over.

Regulatory constraints, as well as the need to rationalise and industrialise our production facilities, prompted the management to invest in a fully automated production system. This tool is capable of producing very low to very high viscosity formulations with more than 25 components of all kinds without human intervention apart from quality control. The 4 production lines enable production to be distributed according to schedule and sequence. Batch sizes of over 6 T, depending on density, are produced daily with record cycle times thanks to very high mixing power.

The resulting products are optimised in terms of both the quantities of additives and their reproducibility. The final quality is also unique, addressing and solving many of the industry’s usual problems.

euromere techniques

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