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Composites by Passion

Founded in 1986 in La Rochelle, Euromere specialises in the formulation and production of speciality polyester and vinyl ester resins for the glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) composites industry. The company is a long-standing supplier for the shipbuilding industry but is also closely involved in other industries such as land transport, leisure, construction, swimming pools, and sanitaryware.

In 2006, the company moved to new premises in Chavagnes-en-Paillers, in the Vendée region south of Nantes, and offers its customers the following advantages:

A unique tool

Fully automated, providing high flexibility, responsiveness and production reliability, and ensuring perfect batch reproducibility whatever the volumes, colours or products manufactured.

A young team

Close to its customers and highly dynamic, the EUROMERE team is involved in both short-term and longer-term projects.

Experience and professional service

A wealth of experience based on years of working with demanding customers in a wide variety of processes and applications has enabled EUROMERE to combine a high level of service with a rapid response.

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An R&D laboratory

Thanks to its research and development laboratory, EUROMERE is constantly working on creating technical innovations and improving processes.

A complete gel coat range

Technically high-performance products to meet the most demanding customer requirements, but also products with performance adapted to the constraints of their market at reduced cost. The products manufactured by Euromere are available in most European countries through a professional distribution network, and on other continents under licence.

Innovative products

A range of adhesives and speciality products with unique properties to go beyond conventional needs and deliver performance that is often unmatched.
They are available throughout Europe through the agencies of numerous distributors.

presentation euromere

About the Gazechim Group:

The Gazechim Group is an independent, French family firm organised around three business units:

  • distribution of composite materials
  • packaging and distribution of refrigerant fluids
  • packaging and distribution of liquid gases

Founded in 1937, the Gazechim Group specialises in the packaging and distribution of liquefied gases. Based in Languedoc-Roussillon in France, Gazechim is in high demand for sulphur dioxide, an essential gas used in several steps of the wine-making process.

It was in 1970 that the Gazechim Group began to expand internationally with the creation of an export business and the development of the distribution of composite materials.

Today the Gazechim Group is present in over 20 countries through some forty subsidiaries.

Gazechim group