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spray coring

FSP® - SC Spray Coring

Sprayable, lightweight coring

A very original product from Euromere! FSP-SC Spray Coring was originally a spray adhesive for the construction of sandwich cores using balsa wood, PVC, PET or other core materials. However, it very quickly became the core itself! FSP-SC Spray Coring can be sprayed in thicknesses of up to 4-5 mm per pass. With a density of up to 0.7, this product enables the production of sandwich composite parts in record time with a very high weight/performance ratio.

It is often found in the construction of boat decks and swimming pool shells, and also as a print-through barrier in large infused parts that need to have an optimum surface appearance. Remarkably, this product is also used in the construction of moulds for large parts where weight is critical, as is the need for a rigid mould and fast process times.


Spray core materials

  • Replacement of traditional core products in sandwich construction by the rapid application of thick layers (up to 5 mm vertically).
  • Labour saving, no need for bubble removal, increased productivity, optimised cycle time.
  • High mechanical properties, blocked exotherm, no print-through.

Sprayable adhesive for conventional core materials

  • Rapid spraying of a few mm
  • Perfect viscosity for core adhesion
  • Mechanical properties fully compatible with requirements

Print blocker for infusion

  • Spraying behind a skin coat of 1.5-2 mm to move the infused structural laminate which presents some risk of shrinkage away from the surface
  • Fast execution and high performance
  • Highly effective protection against print-through linked to laminate shrinkage