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euromere laboratory

At the heart of the company

Innovation, the DNA of Euromere

Customer requirements are very often original, and we have always been passionate about their different complex needs. This leads us to constantly research and develop modifications to existing products, new products and innovative transformation processes.

Today, our laboratory meets our needs in terms of the equipment required for the study and analysis of materials. However, it is above all our teams of technicians, practitioners, chemists and field support that enable us to respond to needs with increasing relevance and in a way that is quite unique in this profession. In addition to the quality control and R&D laboratory, we also have an application laboratory that looks just like a customer workshop and where products are processed in the same way.

Euromere has developed this way of working based on close support for its customers and intends to maintain it. It is not just a matter of supplying a product according to a specification, but of developing this specification with the customer and proposing relevant solutions so that together we can stand out in all the markets in which we operate.


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