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Composite panels

Continuous or discontinuous production of composite skins and sandwich panels

With product quality tried and tested in the naval shipping sector to stand up to the harshest weather conditions, the transport industry quickly turned to EUROMERE for the development of gel coats specifically for the production of truck trailers of all sizes. Trailers are made of sandwich panels assembled with a polyester gel coat interior/exterior surface, and must withstand a wide range of mechanical stresses, UV radiation, extreme temperatures, cleaning, food contact, etc.

Not only do gel coats have to withstand all these stresses, they also have to remain economically positioned for this high-demand industry. EUROMERE has had to respond to the industry’s biggest customers with products adapted to processes that differ from one workshop to another. EUROMERE’s production facilities have been largely designed to meet the needs of this industry.

EUROMERE now has extensive expertise in the formulation of gel coats for this industry, as well as fully automated production tools sized to meet its needs.

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