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Construction of glass-reinforced plastic tanks, silos and pipes

Composites are the materials of choice for the manufacture of storage tanks for chemicals, livestock feed, water, etc. There are many ways of industrialising production while keeping costs down in this industry. Euromere is also involved in this industry with some of its products, the main ones being Eurogel® Gel Coats and Top Coats, and also FSP®HV, MV and VE assembly adhesives on a polyester or vinyl ester base.

Our laboratories regularly develop new lightweight adhesives with improved mechanical performance and adhesion on a variety of substrates. Compared with steel silos, composite not only makes it possible to produce lighter parts with all the advantages that this brings, but also to offer parts that will last longer outdoors, with corrosion resistance, no welds, and with interior/exterior surface appearances which remain unchanged. Many Euromere products are perfectly suited to the construction of this type of part.

Silos Tanks market