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naval market


Boat Building

EUROMERE is a long-standing supplier to the shipbuilding industry thanks to the experience of its founder in this industry since its beginnings. As shipbuilding is inherently an industry of technicians who are passionate about their work, EUROMERE naturally turned to this sector of activity with the intention of developing products, solutions and processes to improve the quality of boats, optimise production times and provide innovative technical solutions to improve performance at all levels.

EUROMERE therefore quickly sought to reduce product densities, particularly adhesives, in order to save weight and improve the mechanical performance in the assemblies used. These lightweight adhesives were then modified to offer totally innovative Lightweight Sprayable Coring solutions to save time and improve the performance of sandwich constructions. This led to the creation of FSP-SC Sprayable Core, followed by a number of derivatives, including FSP-BC Barrier Coat, which quickly became a major success. As a solution for reducing print-through and increasing resistance to osmosis, FSP-BC has been widely used in this industry and in the swimming pool industry for many years. Water absorption phenomena have severely affected this profession, and remedies had to be found. Thanks to its strong presence in this sector, EUROMERE has also had the opportunity to offer and develop its EUROGEL Gel Coat ranges.

Gel Coat technology is a matter for specialists, and EUROMERE quickly found many customers for its EUROGEL Gel Coat range, and its FSP-HV range of adhesives, filling pastes and anti-bubble systems. More recent advances have been made in the field of modelling and the production of moulds of all sizes for this industry, with the creation of the sprayable FSP-SP and extrudable FSP-XT machinable pastes, not forgetting the unique IMEX solution for covering machined polystyrene foam shapes.

naval market