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Composites tooling

Products for the construction of models and moulds

Euromere offers a complete range for the construction of composite models and moulds:

  • IMEX 11W – Polystyrene covering for the construction of models using 5-axis machining.
  • RESIMER EPS – Coating for polystyrene for the construction of models using 5-axis machining
  • CNC – Sprayable and extrudable polyester pastes
  • PRIMER – Sprayable, easy-to-sand polyester primer
  • EUROLAQUE – Polyester topcoat, quick to polish and shine. Excellent gloss and resistance to styrene
  • TR PRODUCTS – TR Industrie mould release and maintenance products
  • EUROGEL GCP-812 – Top-of-the-range vinyl ester mould gel coat
  • RESIMER 911 series for skin coat construction
  • RESIMOLD for non-shrink structural laminate

Machinable materials for models & master parts

A range of innovative products resulting from Euromere research for the rapid and cost-effective production of CNC-machined master parts.

  • Simple application by spraying and extrusion
  • Rapid spray or extrusion coating process
  • Optimisation of waiting times before machining
  • Limited exothermicity and compensated shrinkage
  • Controlled thickness without air entrapment
  • Very little dust during machining
  • Longer life for milling tools
  • Low styrene content and emissions


Sprayable polyester primers for finishing models and master parts, and priming metal parts before painting.


Polyurea is sprayed directly onto the polystyrene after machining using a special machine to protect it from future applications of polyester paste and to reinforce it so that it can withstand the temperatures and deformations of the materials when the mould is made on the model. Considerable time savings compared to laminating a low-styrene epoxy or polyester resin.


Specific polyester lacquer for finishing models. Very good surface tension for quick and easy finishing. Very high final gloss. Lacquer to be applied with a cup spray gun or very low pressure system to obtain a porosity-free film.


RESIMOLD 606TA is a non-shrink polyester resin for the rapid production of composite moulds by contact or simultaneous spraying. This system enables glass-fibre to be stacked up to 4-5 mm thick in one go, without the risk of shrinkage or associated print-through. The use of RESIMER 911 as a skin coat beforehand ensures that the final mould maintains its performance over time for infusion, injection or contact production runs.