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Construction – Sanitaryware

Construction & Sanitaryware

Gel coat for the production of sanitaryware

Composite materials are often essential for the construction of sanitaryware such as baths, basins and shower trays, as well as toilet cubicles and other prefabricated bathrooms. The gel coat is the visible surface and should offer a pleasing appearance and durability on this type of part. Euromere has developed Eurogel® Gel Coats which are particularly advanced to satisfy the specific requirements of the finished products but also our customers’ application conditions. Eurogel® Gel Coats for sanitaryware offer very high performance to increase resistance to water, repeated thermal shock and cleaning products.

The choice of formulations and raw materials is also meticulous in order to increase resistance to abrasion, scratching and impacts, with enhanced hardness. Eurogel® Gel Coats for sanitaryware benefit from the experience acquired over many years in the naval ships and swimming pool sectors, which are also very demanding when it comes to the quality required of the gel coats.

Construction – Sanitaryware market