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eurogel gel coat

Eurogel® - Gel Coat

An extensive, high-performance range

Euromere offers its gel coat customers the following advantages:

  • Extensive experience and expertise
  • Development and application laboratory
  • Responsiveness, fast delivery, all volumes
  • All colours, RAL and colour-matching
  • Excellent batch reproducibility, modern, high-performance production tool
  • EUROCOLOR – in distribution agencies, production service with over 1000 colours available immediately

The Gel coat / Top coat family

GCP / GCTC 500 series

Iso-modified base
Industry, bodywork, construction, general use.

GCP / GCTC 600 Series

100% iso base
Naval ships, sanitaryware, industry, bodywork, construction. Low Styrene Content (LSC) version available.

HQ-212 / HQ-112 TC series

Iso-NPG base
Sanitaryware, swimming pools (CR version), boats (DNV approved).

HQ-212 FTS/ HQ-212 TC FTS series

Iso-NPG base with low styrene content and exceptional UV resistance.
Naval ships, swimming pools, spas, industry, campervans.

GCP / GCTC 800 series

100% vinyl ester base.
Moulds, tanks, resistance to temperature and chemicals.

GCP / GCTC 400 series

Semi-iso base, sandable gel coat.
Used in the bottom of moulds, mainly in bodywork.


Special products

GCP-AD Series

Gel coat with internal release agent, for panels, bodywork, polyester skins, continuous production.

Eurogel GCTC 3201

High-coverage top coat for single-coat applications. Specially adapted for naval ships and industrial applications.


White polyester lacquer to finish models. High gloss and hardness.


For coloring resin, gel coats, etc. Mono-pigment, RAL or colour-matching bases.
Pastes with or without styrene (PP-ZS).