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Resimer™ - Resins & Casting Compound

Custom-formulated unsaturated polyester resins

Euromere offers formulated polyester and vinyl ester resins specially adapted to your parts, and studies all new needs.

Our range of Resimer

Resimer 400 series

Ortho base
Good mechanical properties and heat resistance, for general use.

Resimer 500 Series

Ortho base LSE
Low styrene content and low reactivity, for simultaneous high thickness spraying.

Resimer 600 series

Iso base
For the production of laminates with high mechanical performance.

Resimer 200 series

isoNPG base
For the production of laminates and skin coats with very low water absorption and exceptional properties


Special resin with very low styrene content. Mainly used in the construction of models based on polystyrene foam.
For covering and protecting polystyrene without any risk of melting. Very low styrene content and controlled exothermicity

Resimer 800 series

Vinyl ester base
Excellent mechanical and chemical resistance. Good resistance to corrosion and hydrolysis.

Resimer 911 Series

Hybrid Base
Skin coat resin for moulds or parts. Exceptional resistance to hydrolysis, limited shrinkage for optimum surface appearance. Good wettability.

Casting compounds

Polyester materials specially formulated for the production of parts by gravity casting, injection moulding or rotomoulding.
Applications: Sanitaryware, construction, decoration, street furniture, statuettes.

  • Easy to apply
  • Good reproducibility of details
  • Impact resistance
  • High thicknesses possible
  • Low density, from 0.8 (MDC LP) and density ~1 (MDC 17880)