Euromere, polyesters, vinylesters, polyester resins

Euromere - Products

The following links give more detailed information about our products. For a direct access to the technical properties of each reference, you may download our PRODUCT DATA in the left column of the website.

FSP®- SC Spray Coring

sprayable core

FSP®- BC Barrier Coat

barrier protection layer

FSP®- HV High Viscosity

lightweight material for cavity filling – anti bubbles – bonding pastes

Eurogel®- Gel Coat

gelcoat – Pigment pastes – polyester laque

FSP®- NR No Roll

Low Density No Roll resin

Resimer – Resins

polyester & vinylester resins - casting resins


release agents care products for moulds - materials for CNC machined plugs - sprayable primer