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Euromere has been created in 1986 in La Rochelle. Its activity is the formulation and production of polyester and vinylester specialties for GRP (Glass Reinforced Product) composite industry.

Euromere is an historical supplier in shipbuilding, but is also well implicated in fields of land transport, leisure, building, swimming-pool and sanitary.
Since 2006, the company is located in new buildings in Chavagnes en Paillers, in Vendée (South of Nantes) and brings to customers the following advantages :

  • A unique tool, completely automated, which allows high flexibility, reactivity and production reliability, and guarantees a perfect reproduction of batches, no matter which volumes, colors or products.
  • A research and development laboratory always working on technical innovation creation or processes’ improvement.
  • A young team, very dynamic, closed to customers, implicated in a short term as in long term projects.
  • An important notion of service associated with rapidity in answering the requests.
  • A good experience based on years of collaboration with exacting customers using different processes and applications.
A unique tool...

Euromere products are available in most European countries through a professional distribution network, and in other continents thanks to production under licence.

The main advantage of these products is the productivity savings for users. They are available everywhere in Europe within 2 weeks.