Euromere, polyesters, vinylesters, polyester resins

Euromere - Applications

Non Roll, Barrier Coat, Plugs, Sprayable core, Bonding paste

Non Roll


Non Roll ? Removing trapped air in a laminate with a roller is a time-spending and expensive process…

Barrier Coat

Robot Barrier Coat Application

FSP®-BC Barrier Coat is a protective layer directly sprayed behind gel coat.


Application on plug

SC-2001 HS, SC-3000 LG and SC-2002 HS are polyester and hybrid-vinylester tooling pastes, specially formulated for the production of models and plugs for the composite, automotive, aeronautical… industries. Application by spraying or extrusion.

Sprayable Core

FSP-SC Application

FSP®-SC SprayCore is a sprayable core material especially formulated to give rigidity to FRP parts.

Vinylester bonding paste

Bonding paste

Euromere has developed a high quality vinylester bonding paste, much superior to traditionally used products, generally based on filled polyester resins often reinforced with glass fibers.