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Full product line for Plugs & Composite Molds


Euromere full product line for the construction of Plugs & Composite Molds:

  • CNC – Sprayable and Extrudable polyester pastes
  • PRIMER – Sprayable Polyester Primer easy to sand
  • EUROLAQUE – Polyester Lacquer for finishing jobs, easy and fast to seal and polish. High Gloss and styrene resistance
  • TR PRODUCTS – Demolding external agents and Product for tool maintenance and care
  • EUROGEL GCP – High Quality Vinylester Tooling Gel Coat
  • FSP-BC – Vinylester BARRIER COAT for mold surface print protection
  • RESIMER 800 series for Skin Coating application
  • RESIMOLD to build the tool laminate with no shrink and less time
  • FSP-SC 1527 Spray Coring to speed the construction of the mold structure, make it lighter and without the risk of print through happening with more conventional core materials.

Machinable products for CNC plug milling

Innovative product range born from Euromere research for quick plug building through CNC machining.

  • Easy application, spraying, manual or extrusion
  • Quick process, milling 8 hours after the last layer
  • Low exotherm and limited shrinkage
  • Controlled thickness without air entrapment
  • Very little dust when machining
  • Improved life time of milling tools
  • Low styrene emission (spraying)

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Polyester sprayable primers for plug finishing and metallic parts preparation before painting.

TR Products

Release agents and mould care products.

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