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Gelcoat / Topcoat

Eurogel®- Gel Coat

Euromere offers to gel coat customers the following services :

  • High experience and know-how
  • Laboratory for development and application
  • Reactivity, fast delivery, all quantities
  • Every colours, RAL and et color-matched
  • Excellent batch reproducibility, a modern and performing production tool
Gelcoat / Topcoat product range :
GCP / GCTC 500 series Iso-modified base Industry, Bodywork, Building, General purpose.
GCP / GCTC 600 series 100 % iso base Boat, Sanitary, Industry, Bodywork, Building.
HQ-112 / HQ-112 TC series Iso-NPG base Sanitary ware and small parts with high production cycle. Great abrasion strength.
HQ-212 / HQ-212 TC series Iso-NPG base Boat, Swimming-pool, Spa, Industry, Bodywork, Building.
GCP / GCTC 800 series 100 % Vinylester base Moulds, Tanks, Resistance to temperature and chemical products.
Special products :
GCP-AD series Gelcoat with demoulding agent included, for panels, bodywork, polyester skins, continuous production.
Eurogel GCTC 312 Direct-gloss-resin based Topcoat for finishing. Specially adapted to nautic and industrial applications.
Eurolaque White polyester laque for the finishing of models. High gloss and hardness.
Pigment Pastes To colour resin, gelcoat … Mono-pigment, RAL, or colormatched bases.
Pigment paste with or without styrene for SMC formulation.

Our team is at your disposal for any specific request.

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