Euromere, polyesters, vinylesters, polyester resins

Low density sprayable core & Sprayable putty for CNC routing

FSP®- SC Spray Coring

FSP-SC product range :

Sprayable core material, thick top coat, low density non-roll product

Sprayable core products

  • Replaces traditional core products in sandwich construction by quick application of high thickness ( Up to 5 mm in vertical )
  • Labor cost savings, no rolling, high productivity, better cycle times
  • High mechanical properties, blocked exotherm, no print through

More on applications, see > APPLICATIONS > Sprayable core.

Thick top coat

  • High thickness spray up, easy correction of surface laminate defects
  • Good surface finish, good surface tension
  • Re-lamination without surface preparation

Low density non roll product

  • Lamination without rolling, low density, catalyst revelator
  • Density product + Glass = 1. Enables higher glass content
  • Low sagging risk in vertical application

More on applications, see > APPLICATIONS > No Roll.

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