Euromere, polyesters, vinylesters, polyester resins

Barrier protection layer

FSP®- BC Barrier Coat

FSP-BC Barrier Coat is a protective layer applied directly behind gelcoat, and generally replaces the first layer of fiberglass + vinylester or iso resin.

Advantages :

  • Lightweight fiberglass-reinforced product, with catalyst revelator
  • Excellent protection against osmosis
  • Better surface appearance, thanks to very low shrink
  • Reduces the risks of porosity, wrinkles, self-demoulding
  • Better impact resistance of gelcoat
  • Low styrene content
  • Higher productivity, important savings
  • Thixotropic versions, to allow the application of thickness up to 900µ without sagging
  • Application on parts and moulds

FSP-BC is being used in high quality industries for more than 10 years (swimming-pools, boats, transport).
Perfectly adapted to robotic process.
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