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Euromere - Sprayable polyester or vinylester material for plugs

Material for plugs

Euromere is still innovating with a special material for the making of plugs and models.
SC 2001 HS and SC 3000 LG are specific formulation to be sprayed on a PU-foam form, or laminated (with LSC resin) expanded polystyrene form, in order to build in a few layers a 12-to-25mm thickness, which will then be machined with CNC equipment.
SC-2002 HS is formulated to be applied by extrusion with a following-plate equipment.



SC 2001 HS is a polyester material mainly used for the construction of plugs for composite moulds and/or for models in the automotive and aeronautical industry.
This revolutionary product combines fast application and performance. Its quick cure and easy machining make it perfectly adapted to those delicate works with high demands and no place for mistake.
SC 3000 LG is a similar product based on vinylester resins for the construction of CNC-machined direct moulds, or for plugs with request for higher temperature distortion temperature. SC-2002 HS is specially formulated for extrusion process, to allow the application of a single layer of about 20mm.


Application on plug

The support, generally made with foam, is firstly built and machined, and covered with a laminate to be reinforced and stabilized.


Euromere tooling pastes must be either sprayed or extruded with suitable equipments.
Traditional manufacturers such as MVP and Matrasur can provide this type of equipment.
By spraying, the operator will apply successive layers of 2-4mm, until he reaches the required thickness. When following the instructions with care, the system will quickly cure and reach its hardness, and be ready for machining.

Machining and finishing

Euromere material is known as easy to be machined ! No dust, only chips !
With standard or carbide tool, average machining speed is 10500rpm.
The finishing is finally made with dedicated primers (Alphacoat) and laques.

Application on plug Application on plug

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