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Euromere - No Roll application with FSP-NR

No Roll ?


Removing trapped air in a laminate with a roller is a time-spending and expensive process…

Today, RTM, vacuum infusion, and other compression process have especially enabled composites professionals to save the long time spent in rolling laminates, but hand lay-up or spray-up in open moulds still remain the most widely used methods in the world.
And the chasing of air-bubbles with rollers is still omnipresent.

Euromere drives developments forward with FSP-NR No Roll process for the spray-up construction of composites parts.


No Roll application/no roll

FSP-NR process consists in spraying simultaneously polyester resin and fiberglass to build a laminate in which air micro bubbles will disappear by themselves.

Euromere has worked on the process and developed a FSP-NR material, which enables to build a sprayed lightweight laminate, with no need to roll on flat parts, and only light roll in complicate shape areas.


No Roll application/no roll

As backup of vacuum formed acrylic or behind gelcoat, the FSP-NR system permits to spray quickly thickness of several mm without having to use a roller, or only in sharp angles where the laminate cannot easily fit.

Product is sprayed with a standard equipment, with a few simple and low-price modifications (nozzle, filters, mixer).

VIDEO : No Roll Application

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