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Euromere - Vinylester paste for structural bonding


Structural bonding is being used for long in the automotive, aeronautic, railway industries, and only for a few years in boat industry.

Euromere has developed a vinylester bonding paste with a quality much higher than historical commonly used products, generally based on filled polyester resins often fiberglass reinforced.
Euromere VE-9000 bonding paste improves significantly the bonding properties in short and long term, and in most cases deletes the need to laminate over the bonding.

Marine use of bonding paste

Productivity and reliability

Big producers are more and more moving to structural bonding to improve their productivity and reliability. VE-9000 bonding paste has many advantages; it helps to avoid a further laminate over the bonding, improves application conditions as it is easier to apply and to smoothen (does not contain fibers), it increases a lot bonding properties, and improves mechanical and chemical properties in the long term. VE-9000 bonding paste provides to producers an additional security with reduced costs.

Bonding paste properties

Pure performance...

Bonding joints made with VE-9000 can support much higher temperatures in wet environment, with high mechanical properties, without quick loss of performances.


VE-9000 application

VE-9000 joints are generally applied with a machine with pressing lid in the drum to feed the main pump, as the product has a high viscosity. Catalyze is made in the gun, and product flow depends on machine power. Hand application is also widely used; the product is mixed with the catalyst on a flat panel and then applied either with a spatula or with a « cake bag ».

VE-9000 bonding paste is perfectly adapted to composites plants work conditions. The application is similar to common practice and does not require specific skills.

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