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Euromere - Barrier Coat Application

Barrier Coat ?

FSP-BC diagram

FSP®-BC Barrier Coat is a protective layer sprayed directly behind gelcoat. This protective layer improves the long term resistance of parts against osmosis and fiber marking of the surface.

Objective: quality

A large number of industries in FRP (Transports – Marine – Building) are constantly looking for solutions to improve surface quality and durability. Gelcoat protection thanks to the application of a barrier layer (Barrier Coat) behind gel coat has become a reality to answer the needs for durability and quality of composite surfaces.

FSP-BC Application

Easy application…

A standard pneumatic equipment, such as gel coat airless spray machine, is necessary to apply FSP®-BC Barrier Coat.
A feeder-pump and a specific static mixer can be adapted to ease the application, and to assure a better homogeneity of the sprayed product. FSP®-BC is also perfectly adapted to robotic process, and is being successfully used in robot lines for several years.

Resistance against osmosis

Osmosis in a few words…
A polyester laminate is not perfectly waterproof. When they are submitted to continuous water pressure for years, water molecules finally flood through the gelcoat layer and accelerate into the laminate, where it can result in osmosis if several factors are related. Materials' micro-porosity, under-polymerization, lack of thickness, the use of not adapted products … will help water absorption and will increase the risks of osmosis. The higher the water temperature is, the faster this phenomenon will occur. Without a Barrier Coat, the long fibers which are behind gelcoat will accelerate water uptake by capillary action. Inside the laminate, water molecules will dissolve the free molecules of polyester and create a high concentrated solution which will chemically react. The resulting osmotic pressure will be high enough to make the surface blister. When the blister is drilled, it releases a liquid with bitter smell (acetic acid, pH<6).

FSP-BC water resistance

FSP®-BC Barrier Coat is an effective protection against water absorption and against osmosis in the long term.
The formulation of this hydrophobic material gives the composite surface a more effective water resistance, and significantly reduces water penetration. There is also more distance between gel coat and the long fibers of the structural laminate, which improves waterproofness as well.

Far better surface appearance … and for a long time!

on boat

FSP®-BC Barrier Coat also improves surface appearance by reducing fiber marking.
Fiber print reduction is observed immediately, but the resistance against surface distortion is even more impressive after years of exterior exposure.

Improve productivity

Barrier Coat robot application

FSP®-BC Barrier Coat replaces efficiently the first polyester or vinylester laminate layer, which usually requires best care in quality products selection and application, to obtain best physical and chemical resistance. The use of a Barrier Coat not only replaces efficiently this first layer in terms of properties, it also enables to make exceptional time-savings, while improving surface appearance. With only one operator requested, a time of application of 10-30 sec/sqm according to part geometry and to equipment settings, and the possibility to use the product in robotic process, this is a very attractive solution compared to lamination.

VIDEO : Barrier Coat Application

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