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Mar 27, 2019
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What is Barrier Coat technology?

Fibre Spray Polymer-Barrier Coat (FSP®-BC) technology consists of formulated polyester thermoset resins that are catalysed with a standard PMEC-50 peroxide. The two-component, low-styrene resins are filled with special hollow microspheres and microfibres.

An FSP®-BC barrier coat can be applied with a standard gelcoat equipment or, for small surfaces, a gravity-feed cup system, behind a wet or non-tacky polyester gelcoat.

Why use a barrier coat?

Surface finish

The primary purpose of a barrier coat is to protect the gelcoat from deformation during the cure process (lamination). When polyester and/or vinylester-resin-based laminutes shrink, the surface distorts and the distortion is transmitted to the gelcoat.

A barrier coat, specifically the FSP®-BC, can be applied in record time and will protect the gelcoat efficiently from the stresses and other distortions it is subject during the laminate cure process.

Water resistance

If mechanical properties and surface finish are to be preserved in a part, the resistance to water and osmosis must be as high as possible. Applying FSP®-BC barrier coat behind the gelcoat significantly increases the water resistance of the polyester part, whatever the manufacturing process used to produce the part.

Additional technical information

The comparative mechanical properties of laminates with and without FSP®-BC were checked before and after ageing. Generally speaking, FSP®-BC barrier coat makes the structure more flexible.

Impact resistance has long been a sore point for processors, and previous experiments with non-reinforced barrier coats brought out some failures in this area. FSP®-BC doet not change the impact resistance for any one laminate, compared to the same laminate without it.

FSP®-BC's good adhesive properties were demonstrated by cross-hatch adhesion tests carried out on the specimens. The barrier coat performs well, whether applied to a wet gelcoat or a non-tacky one.

Mar 22, 2019
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One week ago Groupe Gazechim Composites was at JEC World 2019 in Villepinte.

Euromere thanks its customers, partners, suppliers for this great edition 2019!

See you next year from March, 3rd to 5th!

Mar 8, 2019
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GIBCO FLEX MOLD is a US producer of exclusive non-skid sheets dedicated to the production of master plugs, principally, construction for boat decks molds but also steps for pool molds and other mold surfaces where a high quality non-skid surface is needed.

GIBCO FLEX MOLD produces many different patterns giving the user a wide variety to choose from when it comes to the look and feel of your design. The sheets are delivered in rolls with a surface of 3,65 m x 1,21 m (4,42 m²).

These sheets are very flexible, solvent and heat resistant. They also offer a couple of conveniences for purchase; an adhesive on the backside to bond efficiently to the plug surface and Pre-waxed sheets to insure the best demolding properties.

GAZECHIM COMPOSITES and GIBCO FLEX MOLD have joined forces to provide the European markets. With these original high quality products we want to support the European Composites, Marine and Pools industries enabling them with the best products.

Join us ON THE ROADSHOW ON APRIL 2019 to learn Best Practices on How to use GIBCO FLEX MOLD non-skid sheets the very best way and get all benefits for producing and/or repairing your non-skid surfaces on plug build up and boat decks.

Dates :
April 16th 2019
Place : EUROMERE – ZA La promenade – 85250 Chavagnes en Paillers – France
April 25th 2019
Place : POLYTOR – ul. Wielki Rów 40B 87-100 Toruń – Poland


Click here to participate :

Mar 5, 2019
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Euromere will be represented at JEC World 2019 with all subsidiaries of Groupe Gazechim Composites.

JEC World is the only professional trade fair which connects together the global industries of composites. About 1,300 exhibitor brands (International and French companies) related to aerospace, automobile, nautical, sports equipment, etc.

From Tuesday 12th March 2019 to Thursday 14th March 2019, join us on booth J27 - Hall 5A.

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